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The protective function
of innovation

Thanks for the technological breakthroughs from ST, we made the chargers’ efficiency reach to 92%, which means the charger can be much smaller, lower temperature. Also the charger will suspend or reduce the charging current if the environment or charger temperature is too high. Furthermore, ST chargers got the patent on the BMS protection of inrush current, normally the chargers on the market have a peak current up to 50- 70A, which will damage the BMS (fuse or some other components).

40% smaller dimension:

less transportation fee, easy for carrying;

10℃ lower working temperature:

With efficiency increased from 87% to 92%, the working temperature is 10℃ lower;Higher efficiency is also better for environment and energy saving; And no more consumer complaint.

Over-temperature protection:

In some cases (e.g. charger covered by something or carpet, or exposed to the sun), charger gets very hot which will cause fire accident, to avoid the risk, our charger will stop working,once temperature declines, the charger will work again automatically,which eliminates fire accident;

No fan, no holes:

With high efficiency and fanless design,no noise generated anymore.The dust,hair and water can’t enter the charger which is safer than aluminum charger.

BMS protection:

Now all other chargers in the market has inrush current once the charger connects to battery, the peak current can reach 50-70A,which may damage the BMS (like the fuse), but the new chargers have no such peak current because of new technology inside.

Recharging function:

Though battery is full,other chargers will keep working because of the battery self-consumption, which may hurt the battery. To increase the battery life, our charger will detect the battery voltage and work again once the voltage drop below 54V.

Timing protection:

In some cases(e.g. battery is too old, or soldering is not good), battery gets very hot during the charging, and may cause a fire accident. With the timing protection,the charger will stop working after 10hs though the battery is still not full.

The protective function of innovation

Only focus on oversea markets. 


Over-temperature protection:
In some unusual cases, charger could be very hot which may cause fire accident, so the charger will reduce current or stop working when too hot, and will charge again automatically if temperature reduced;


Inrush current protection:
No spark anymore;
no inrush current which may damage BMS;

QC process

Key components selection and IQC
Comprehensive test in production
100% aging test before shipment

The materials.

Good quality
Low quality


High temperature resistance,fireproof,anti-knock,environmental protection.

PCB is too thin to break, not fireproof, not good for soldering


Famous brand key components, Automatic SMT, high performance, high temperature aging.

Cheap components, easy to failure, short life.


Pure copper, good electric property, low loss, large carrying capacity, the thermal stability of strong performance.

Copper clad aluminum and low electrical conductivity, easy to hot.


Sabic materials from JP, fireproof, high temperature resistance, beautiful surface and strong toughness.

Easy broken, not fireproof, can’t bear high temperature.


Use TUV approved cables, with ROHS, REACH certificates, soft feeling.

Hard surface, without rohs, reach, inferior copper wire.