Charging safer

Every year, there are so many e-bike fire accidents around the world, and people pay the price of life. According to the survey, 95% of accidents happen in charging accidents, so we need to make chargers safer, not cheaper

Closed designWithstand 130° high temperature

Fireproof material, pure PC, can withstand 130℃ high temperature without deformation, non-aluminum shell, prevent leakage accidentsv

Bms protection

Now all other chargers in the market has inrush current once the charger connects to battery, the peak current can reach 50-70A,which may damage the BMS (like the fuse), but the new chargers have no such peak current because of new technology inside.

Temperature protection

With efficiency increased from 87% to 92%, the working temperature is 10℃ lower;Higher efficiency is also better for environment and energy saving; And no more consumer complaint.

Recharging function

Though battery is full,other chargers will keep working because of the battery self-consumption, which may hurt the battery. To increase the battery life, our charger will detect the battery voltage and work again once the voltage drop below 54V.

One key press mode
Make free choices

Battery maintenance

Screen & Button 2 in 1
Energy Efficient

Storage mode

For battery storage and shipping

Eco mode

For a short trip and extend battery life

Sport mode

For a long trip and have fun