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Most of the chargers on market have inrush output current the moment they plug into the battery,this inrush output current can be tens of times as many amperes as the constant current which is indeed dangerous enough to burn the connector and even damage the BMS,while our chargers are integrated with innovative technologies inside to control this instant inrush current to the minimum,so spark can’t be seen in the output end of our chargers.

It’s wisely recommended to check the battery pack before using fast chargers as mostly the BMS(battery managing system) with the pack has a charge current limitation,if the output current of the fast charger exceeds this charge current limitation of the BMS,the charger will not work or even damage the BMS.

Well,the fan is actually a disadvantage as it causes noise and absorb dust,hair which bring negative impact on the charger longevity,so we make the efficiency of our chargers higher (transfer ratio of input power to output power) than other ordinary ones on the market,energy saving,less heat generated and no cooling issue.

Charger belongs to standard electronic product, it has the power transfer from input 110V to 36 & 48V, during the charging status, the casing has normal temperature when you touch the casing, do not worry about the heat, charger has smart protections to monitor the charging behavior and will not casue injury or fire.

Always please remember that go to the dealer shop or the manufacturer website to buy the correct, certificated charger as the new replacement. Using a mismatching charger may bring potential quality risk.

Low failure rate

STC chargers keep the low failure rate (<0.2%).

Warranty policy

A 3-year warranty is provided for every single charger. In special cases, we also provide UPS servic. Zero failure rate is our ultimate aspiration.

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Any questions, please send email to ‘sales, Our team will be here for you.