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Delicate housing

A good surface treatment and appearance charger like an art, make your life more beautiful.

Advanced scheme

An advanced scheme will help to increase the efficiency and make the charger more reliable .

Smallest dimension

A small charger make your life more convenient.
Thanks to the great technology improvement of our engineer team. We know how to make it small at a reasonable cost.

Excellent materials

For the key components such as capacitors, transformers, relays etc, we choose the most famous and best quality suppliers rather than only think about how to reduce the price.

Protection functions

Without a good quality, did you dare to use it at night? A good charger should have comprehensive protection functions, to take care of your sleep.
Over-voltage protection
Over-current produort production
Short circuit protection
Reverse polarity protection
Flow backwatection
Over-charge protection
Lightning protection function

Wake up no power battery

It often happened that people forgot to charge the battery during the winter, and then the battery can’t been charged any more. Fortunately you have no this trouble as our charger have this function.

Correct regulation

Charger, adapter and power supply/transformer, do you know the difference ? Be careful that maybe you are using the adapter instead of charger to charge the battery. That is really DANGEROUS !!!
EN60335-2-29 EN60601 EN60950 EN61558

Battery charger

Battery charger

Medical charger

Medical charger

IT equipment adapter

IT equipment adapter

Power supply/

Power supply/ transformer

No fan, no holes

You think it is better that a charger with a fan/holes ?! That is because the manufacture can’t solve the problem of heat ! A closed housing can prevent the hairs and dust from entering the charger.

Low temperature

Temperature become the biggest complain on chargers because the high temperature make consumers  aware of the danger.But that is not our style, thanks to the high efficiency up to 93%, which really make our customers surprised.

Strict production process

As we only focus on oversea market, we have strict production process and passed the ISO9001/2015. To ensure the quality, we stare on every detail during the production. 100% chargers tested 4 hours before shipment.
Watch our production process video

Third party inspection

We will send the samples from the mass production to TUV to make sure the EMC, LVD, ROHS are consistent. Furthermore, most of the oversea customers include TUV will do periodical factory inspection. 


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